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Welcome Lowell Families!

My name is Jessica Raymond and I am the school counselor at Lowell. My job is to support all students in being their best selves in the classroom and in our community. I teach classroom lessons, facilitate small groups, and work one-on-one with students. Connect with me by phone: 676-6470 x 4919, email:, or in person if you have any questions about social skills programs, need help connecting to resources, or want more support.

On this page you will find information about community resources, parenting class offerings, tips to help your child succeed, and links to helpful websites.

I offer counseling lessons in each classroom at Lowell. Kindergarten and BRIDGES classes receive weekly lessons and grades 1st-5th receive lessons twice a month.

The classroom lessons support our school values to: Create Community, Collaborate, and Cultivate Learning

The monthly themes for this year are:

–    September: Problem Solving                              –   February: Friendship

–    October: Bullying Awareness                              –   March: Managing Stress

–    November: Identifying Feelings                           –    April: Stewardship

–    December: Empathy                                          –   May: Safety

–    January: Conflict Resolution                               –   June: Transition


Learn more about my role: Brochure


Playground Support

The Bellingham School District uses the Playworks program to help support students and teach skills on the playground. Our playground is divided up into several zones signified by a color.

Green Zone: team games (soccer, cone conquest, kickball)

Orange Zone: Four Square & Two Square

Purple Zone: tag games (red light/green light, sharks & minnows, flyer’s up)

Brown Zone: Basketball games

Red Zone: Hula hoops, hopscotch, and chalk

Blue Zone: Large climbing equipment, monkey bars, slides

Yellow Zone: “chill” or hang-out areas (gazebo & tables on the hill)

If students have a difficult time being safe on the playground, they may be restricted to the green zone for a few days where they can be closely supervised by an adult and learn new skills.

Watch this Video to learn more about our playground.


Junior coaches: Students in 4th and 5th grade serve as leaders during the kindergarten & 1st grade recesses to help teach younger students new games, resolve conflicts, and provide a positive role model on the playground.

Community Resource Hi-Lights

Parenting Seminars at Brigid Collins
1231 N. Garden St. 98225 / 734-4616
Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 Cost: $15 per class

Positive Parenting – The Teenage Years
 September 29th

Power of Positive Parenting
October 13th

Myth-Busters: The Truth About Teen Behavior
October 27th

Raising Confident, Competent Children
November 10th

Coping with Stress
November 17th
Raising Emotionally Resilient Children

December 15th

(see the attached flyer on the right side of the screen for more information)

After-School Programs for Kids

YMCA at Lowell
Located in the Lowell Gym. Open before school at 7am and after school until 6:00pm Contact the YMCA to register: 733-8630 Cost

Hillcrest Kids
1400 Larabee Ave, 98225Kids will be bussed from Lowell to Hillcrest after school. Cost

Boys and Girls Club
1715 Kentucky St, 98229

Open after school until 7:00pm, Thurs until 5:30pm
Cost: $30 for the year.

Kids will enjoy fun activities supervised by trained staff. Grades 1st-12th.


Child Anxiety: A Panel Discussion

On Thursday, February 26th, 2014 we hosted a panel discussion on childhood anxiety. Over 40 parents from Lowell and surrounding schools attended this event. Professionals in child mental health provided information and guidance on recognizing, preventing, and treating anxiety in children. On this page you will find video footage from the night as well as a brochure that was provided to attendees. Video

Parent Education Nights at Lowell

We are planning to host three parent education nights a year. Your feedback will be helpful in planning events that will be most beneficial to Lowell families. Please complete the survey below to give us your input!