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A Message from Principal Mary Sepler Sept. 6th, 2018

Dear Families,

We’re launched! The emphasis right now in school is “Community”.  We know relationship is key in supporting young learners to take risks and try new things with confidence.  All over the school, morning meetings are working to support kids in connecting with their new classroom community.  With our new social-emotional curriculum, Caring School Community, students will have the daily opportunity to connect with peers around a variety of topics that help to increase understanding of ourselves and others.  Soon, our buddy class work will also support this learning.   The goals of the implementation are:

Build caring relationships
Directly teach social skills needed in school and in life
Integrate social-emotional and academic learning throughout the day
Use classroom management strategies that create calm, productive learning environments
Implement student-centered discipline that teaches students self-management and self-discipline
The embedded classroom meetings encourage relationship building, assure equity of air time (everyone’s voice is heard), and provide safe and approachable topics for each grade level.  Although there is never an expectation that each student must speak out, a variety of strategies such as circle partners, is used to encourage active participation.  Please ask your child about the morning meetings.

A note from our school nurse:

Please be aware that we have students at Lowell this year that have food allergies which could be life threatening.  Your student’s teacher will be able to inform you if certain foods should be avoided in your student’s classroom.   To ensure safety for every student at Lowell we are requesting that you avoid bringing these specific foods to you student’s classroom.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Julia Pillar-Schaefer, BSN, RN 360-306-2604

PTA Meeting

We have a wonderful new group of PTA leaders and they are all looking forward to meeting you at tonight’s meeting.  The meeting begins at 6:30PM in the library.  Our new leaders are:

Aeniah Frost, Co-President

Hilary Wilkinson, Co-President

Caleb Buchanan, Co-Vice President

Nicole Stacey, Co-Vice President

Jessica Martin, Treasurer

Sarah Pudell, Secretary
One last, but important, tidbit

On a final note, I know we had some parent concern over the availability of our Kindergarten toilet.  I’m happy to report it’s flushing well and in use today.  Big thanks to our facilities crew who came to the rescue.

Take care everybody!