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Enrichment set up for Winter Session

Dear Lowell Parents:


Thank you all for your patience as we work to make the enrichment enrollment process more manageable for your friendly PTA volunteers, instructors, and the staff at the Lowell office.


As you know, in the past we have managed the entire system in-house. Luckily, we have discovered a new vendor that will enable us to offer a much more consistent and streamlined system. We think you’ll love the fact that you can create ONE profile for your family that works for the entire year (and longer!), with all of your children in it, and the ability to review their registrations and schedules online at a glance!


This program, 6crickets, is offered at no cost to our school. It also allows you to view (again, all within your family profile) many camp offerings for summer and school breaks – and use the same system to sign up for those as well!


USE THIS LINK to go in and create your child/family profile as soon as possible. The process will take 10 minutes or so, and then you will be ready to go when the enrichment classes are released later this week. You will NOT be able to sign up for classes today: We anticipate opening registration Friday the 12th, and classes are scheduled to begin the week of February 22nd.

Instructions for using the program 6crickets


Here is what will look different this session:


  • The site will ask you to create a profile for your family and each child, and create a password for your own use.
  • When it is fully operational, it will include a Lowell Elementary portal for you to go to and view all of the current offerings and registration dates on one page.
  • The Lowell PTA will NOT send individual alerts about your student’s individual registrations – that information will be available to you online anytime you want!


Here is what is the same:


  • Scholarships will still be available with a special code to enter at registration. Please continue to check with Ms. Raymond to request a scholarship.
  • Registration will still start and stop at specific dates (unless a class is not filled, and the instructor wishes to keep it open).
  • The Lowell PTA will still email you information about classes and send home a very brief outline of the schedule.
  • Registration will still be on a first-come, first-served basis. PLEASE NOTE: We discovered over the last two years that there are (actually) very few occasions when a class is too full to accept a student. You will also be able to be placed on a wait list, in case room becomes available.




The Lowell PTA Enrichment Team