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A Message from Principal Mary Sepler April 12th, 2018

Dear Lowell Family,

It was wonderful reuniting with all of our students following spring break.  We’re moving quickly through the school year and there is so much more we want to learn and do!

There continues to be room in many of our after school spring enrichment classes.  Please go to the 6crickets website (link below) to create a profile for you child and register for an opened class.  Classes that still have room include Spanish, Tennis Club, Girls on the Run, WWU Science Club, and the new Lowell Mountain Bike Club.  Scholarships are available for all classes.—Bellingham/3221?refer&school=3221&utm_medium=school&utm_source=schools#programs

Speaking of registering, it’s time to give us the information on all incoming Kindergarten students for next year.  If you have a little one who will be joining us in the fall, or if you have a friend with a little one, please get the word out to come and register.  We’re planning our Kindergarten Orientation and would like to have as many new students and families as possible registered this month.

Our Lowell Bike Rodeo is coming next week on Wednesday, April 18.  2-5 grade students will participate in a fun and educational bike safety and skills course during the school day.  Partners in this work include the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and RRAD (Run, Ride and Dig).  Helmets and PE shoes will be required for students to participate.  For safety reasons, students wearing sandals to school will not be allowed to ride. Students are encouraged to bring their own bikes and helmets to school on this day.  All students should park bikes on the lower blacktop near their teacher’s name.  Extra bikes and helmets will be available so all kids can ride.

Our grade 5 students began their state assessment this week with the English Language Arts testing yesterday and today.  Grade 5 will continue on April 19 and 20.  Grade 4 will begin testing of English Language Arts on April 17 and 18.

There was some confusion around the location of the Fairhaven Middle School Parent Night on May 16th.  This Parent Night will support transitioning families into middle school and will be located in the commons of Fairhaven Middle School.  The gathering begins at 6PM and will run until 7:30PM.

Finally, you may hear a few complaints from your child regarding the games available on the lower blacktop during recess.  Some students who have played the same game with the same people each recess over time may be a little disconcerted.  We were observing a great deal of competitive energy manifesting in negative ways during a few of our organized games.  Parents and teachers have reached out regarding a negative edge growing when their kids are playing so competitively in the same game over time.  We want our kids to understand that recess sport is different than league sports.  In leagues, with coaches, you are probably playing to develop skill, compete and sometimes win.  School recess, in contrast, is meant to provide exercise, fun, build community and provide choice of play to each student.  To try to shake things up a bit and bring the emphasis to fun play versus competition and winning, the recess team will switch the games available on a weekly basis.  The choices on the lower blacktop this week are Cone Conquest, 4 square and 2 square, Basketball and Flyers Up. (some soccer players were a bit sad)  The upper playfield, as always, is available for less structured play.  Next week the lower blacktop choices will be Kickball, Tetherball, Basketball and Soccer.  All students are encouraged to communicate the choices they would like to appear on the schedule and can do this by writing an email or note to me and I will relay it to the recess planning team.  We’d appreciate your support in talking this through with your child if you sense they are having trouble understanding the intention of our change.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and questions.  Take care everyone!