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Welcome to the Lowell Library!

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Library Mission:

To ensure that students are effective users and producers of information and ideas.


Library /Technology Program

To meet this mission, I support our district adopted reading program “Benchmark Literacy” by reinforcing unit main ideas for each grade level as I share books from several different Washington State reading award lists.

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade – Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award (Website)

2nd and 3rd Grade – Otter (Our Time to Enjoy Reading) Award (Website)

3rd Grade – The Towner Non-Fiction Award (Website)

4th and 5th Grade – The YETI Books Competition – District supported “Battle of the Books” (Website)


Students also learn about the Super 3 and Big 6 process for research or project completion.

I also work with classroom teachers to teach the ISTE technology standards and will collaborate with them on ways in which technology integration can enhance instruction.


The primary technology program centers on providing students opportunities to use technology to develop troubleshooting skills, mouse/track pad/keyboard skills, and skills to help them navigate websites and applications in a safe and responsible manner.

The intermediate technology program – I use a variety of projects to teach students how to use the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Students will also have instruction in keyboarding, and the opportunity to practice using “Typing Agent” the new district adopted keyboarding curriculum. Students at the intermediate level have individual student log in accounts and access to Office 365. Office 365 is a cloud based suite of personal productivity tools that promote collaboration.


Library Checkout Policy * Covid 19 *

Students may have up to 10 books checked out at a time. This includes books that have just been returned and are in quarantine for 4 days and books that have been checkout out to students and are awaiting pickup

Students may sign into the Lowell Library using their Username and Password or their District Office 365 Email and Password to browse the library catalog and place holds on books they would like to have checked out to them. They may place up to 6 holds at a time. Holds placed on books that are marked as “out” will be placed on a list (by order requested) to wait until the book is available. Holds placed on books that are marked as “in” by noon on Wednesday should be available for pickup between 4:00 and 5:30 that day. Students should check their library accounts to verify the books they requested have been checked out to them prior to coming to the school to pick them up (occasionally books are lost/miss-shelved/damaged and are unavailable for immediate checkout).

Books that are ready for pickup will be kept for 2 weeks before returning them to the library shelves unless the student or parent contacts the Lowell Library to let us know of the problem in picking them up.

Library book(s) should be kept until a student finishes reading it or has decided they don’t wish to finish it. When a student is finished with a book(s) they should be returned at the next scheduled book pick-up event or the book drop at the downtown branch of the public library.

Birthday Books

I understand it has been a long-standing tradition at Lowell for students to donate a book to the library in honor of their birthdays.  If you would like to participate in this tradition, and are looking for a book suggestion, I would like to suggest books that have been nominated for the following awards: The Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award, The Sasquatch Award, The Young Reader’s Choice award for juniors, The Caldecott Medal and Honor, The Newbery Medal and Honor.    I  purchase one copy of each of these titles yearly from my library budget, but these are such popular titles that I would love to have more than one copy available for students to check out. The titles and authors of these books can be found here.  Most local booksellers will carry the titles in stock.

Digital Research Tools:

SIRS Discoverer :

CultureGrams :

WorldBook Online:

eLibrary :

Pebble Go :

TrueFlix :

Contact your librarian for the username and passwords to access these resources.