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News on the Hill is a weekly publication created by a group of talented Lowell Students and edited by parent volunteer, Silje Watson

How it all started:

At the start of the quarantine, Elsa and Aine were really missing their friends. They thought it would be fun to start a weekly newspaper with their friends from the neighborhood.  We looked at real newspapers for the front-page inspiration. The first issue of News on the Hill was printed and hand delivered to 10 families who participated. It has since grown and is now digitally delivered every Monday to 20+ families. Contributors submit their articles, artwork, puzzles, etc before bedtime each Saturday. We check for spelling but try to drop the submissions into the set layout as close to the way it was submitted as possible.

Almost all of the contributors are Lowell students who live in walking distance of the school. Half of the contributors submit something every week. Some prefer to only answer the question of the week. Every issue has a quarantine question of the week, a quote of the week, a challenge, and a weather announcement. The paper often includes recipes, book reviews, spot the difference and word search games, horoscopes, comics, fiction and non-fiction articles, and poems and artwork. It has also on occasion included an advice column, an editorial letter, crossword puzzles, art project instructions, and announcements.


Elsa Watson – Aine Watson – Edie Culver – Oliver Allen – Henry Allen – Paige Flory – Audria Rosinski – Stella Rosinski – Emerson Hiltner – Eliza Hiltner – Jasper Beatty – Wyatt Beatty – Jewel Bryngelson – Violet Stockburger – Owen Stockburger – Ione Riemer-Varga – Ruby Simon – Jesse Simon – Felix Tremblay – Ayla VanJaarsveld – Arlo VanJaarsveld – Edie Lodis – Freya Lodis – Ella Leedom – Jack Leedom – Tessa Friesen – Reese Allaway  – Katherine Staton – Eliza Kelliher – Parker Hall – Lily Hall


News on the Hill – Issue 1

News on the Hill – Issue 2

News on the Hill – Issue 3

News on the Hill – Issue 4

News on the Hill – Issue 5

News on the Hill – Issue 6

News on the Hill – Issue 7

News on the Hill – Issue 8

News on the Hill – Issue 9

News on the Hill – Issue 10

News on the Hill – Issue 11

News on the Hill – Issue 12

News on the Hill – Issue 13

News on the Hill – Issue 14

News on the Hill – Issue 15

News on the Hill – Issue 16


Mrs. Raymond interviews the contributors to this weekly newspaper.


Check back weekly as new issues will be added.


If you are a Lowell student interested in writing a story, creating a puzzle or writing a review of a book, video or game just contact Mrs. Christensen. Mrs. Christensen can assist with assembling a newsletter and publishing it on our school website.